Rug Cleaning Shouldn’t Be Avoided: Here’s Why

Many think that daily vacuuming is enough to keep a rug clean. While it is definitely good for a rug, it doesn't compare to a professional rug cleaning service. Professional cleaners should be used at least once a year. Our team can deliver a first-rate rug cleaning service.
Many people think that cleaning a rug is just for the look of decor, but rug cleaning is mainly done to keep a rug sanitary. When dust, allergens, mold, mildew, and other harmful particles and organisms attach to the fibers of a rug, a professional rug cleaning service is the only effcient way to remove all these elements.
We have the cleaning products and tools necessary to clean any type of rug, and this is one reason why we are highly recommended in rug cleaning throughout Passaic. When the job is complete, you rug will look brand new , feel good and smell good. Best of all your rug will come back germ and dust free.

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How Our Cleaning Process Works

Our rug cleaning process is detailed and structured. If you have specific cleaning instructions, we can follow them to ensure the cleaning process is carried out the way you want. No rug is too old or too complex for our technicians to clean. They will handle all your rugs with care, whether they're cleaning them in your home or at our factory.
If you want us to clean in a commercial office building that have carpets on multiple floors, we can accommodate your request and deliver timely and affordable carpet cleaning services.
To know more about how our basic rug cleaning process works, read through the sections below. Specific requirements and other factors may make our method unsuitable for your rug.
First we’ll look over your carpets and rugs to see what the best cleaning method will be. Next we pinpoint and pre-treat areas that are especially dirty. After this we’ll apply the appropriate shampoo, and then we rinse with a neutralizing solution. We extract water and leftover cleaner next, and then we pursue a post-wash treatment on particularly stubborn stains. Final step we groom the carpet and retore.
When we’re done with cleaning we show the customer exacly what has been cleaned. We do not finish the job until the customer is satisfied. Our goal is both the customer and technian are satisfied with the job done.

Pet Stains And Odors Are Our Specialty

Whether pet stains are fresh or old, we can handle them so your rugs look good as new. If you would like us to avoid using special cleaning chemicals, we accommodate all requests. We are very meticulous and efficient when dealing with stains. We can assure that there will be no long term damge from the stains.